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interpreting sound in fabric & stitch with Debbie Lyddon

interpreting sound in fabric & stitch

with Debbie Lyddon


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Young Embroiderers, Nov 2019



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Stitch Saturday Nov 2019 Klimt Christmas card


Friday Evening Meetings

Friday Evening Meetings are held from 7.30pm (please arrive 7pm)


St Marks C of E Church Hall, Church Hill Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4UG

Surbiton Station is at the bottom of St Marks Hill.

The following buses stop near to the Church Hall:

K1. K2, K4, 281, 418, 406


2019 Talks:

27th September 2019   AGM
(Members - please send apologies to the AGM, if cannot attend)

25th October 2019 - Wendy Dolan -  ‘Layer, Paint, Stitch’

With the publication of her book Layer, Paint, Stitch, Wendy will share her exciting world of stitched textiles. Ideas for inspiration, design and combining techniques will be discussed with examples of pictures, wedding garments and large commissions.

22nd November 2019 -  Elizabeth Betts - Reimagining Jane Austin's Quilt

The talk is based on the community quilt project made at Jane Austins House Museum in Hampshire. Inspired by the coverlet that is on display in the museum which was made by Jane, her sister Cassandra and their mother, over 300 people across the world took part in the making of two quilts based on the authors life story. Elizabeth worked on the project for 11 months as a quilt designer and facilitator. 

2020 Talks:

24th January 2020 - New Year's Party

28th February 2020 - Carole Waddle - "Design is Not a Naughty Word"

Carole will talk about her art work and her art process as developed on the design courses run by John Allen, Textile Designer. She will also have examples of embroidery that was influenced by her design work on his courses. 

(previously advertised was Melanie Bowles - The Supper Cloth which is cancelled-apologies for any disappointment)


27th March 2020 - Isobel Moore - Out of the Ordinary

Textile art from mundane materials.  A talk about Isobel's inspirations, and how she uses recycled and discarded everyday materials to create her textile art.

24th April 2020 - Harriet Riddell - Adventures with a sewing machine

Harriett Riddell travels the world with her sewing machine.  By setting up in challenging locations Harriet uses free motion machine embroidery to capture the moving world on canvas.

22nd May 2020 - Darren Ball - "It ain't what you do its the way that you do it"

A talk about his embroidery work and how it has evolved from his training as a knit designer in 1990, to the present day.

26th June 2020 - Member's Evening

24th July 2020 - Janet Crowther - Bags of Bags

A mix of bags she has acquired and used for inspiration and bags she has stitched and the design ideas behind them.

25th September 2020- AGM - our 50th!

23rd October 2020 - Caroline Alexander - Kingston School of Fashion

Caroline will give a talk on the 1990's revival of craft embroidery ateliers such as Lesage.

27th November 2020 - Anne Hellyer

Anne will give a talk on the history of British Embroidery - an overview



Saturday Workshops

Saturday Workshops are held at St John the Baptist Church Hall, Robin Hood Lane, Kingston Vale, SW15 3PY  Map

and normally run from 10.30am - 4.30pm

For details and to book a place on a Saturday workshop,

please email us:




2019 Workshops:

26th  October 2019 – Wendy Dolan -  ‘Machine Embroidery inspired by Gustav Klimt’

The patterns and colours in the work of Gustav Klimt provide an endless source of inspiration for design. Fabrics will be layered and worked into with freehand machine embroidery, and then areas of the design will be cut/ burnt away revealing exciting colour combinations. Imitation gold leaf will be used to embellish the designs.

23rd November 2019 – Lynne Butt - ‘Colour, Texture, Line’

Time to relax and have fun ...

If you are looking for a workshop where you don’t have to lug in everything but the kitchen sink and spend hours sourcing materials the week before........This workshop is for you.  Come and enjoy a fun day of play. Working on paper you will use resists and collage, print and make marks with various media and tools. Sparking ideas of colour, texture and line for your future textile projects.  All materials will be supplied for a small fee. Wear old clothes and bring in a few bits of rubbish! Jam jars, plastic pots etc. I will give you a very short list and I’ll be the one doing the lugging!


2020 Workshops:

28th March 2020 - Isobel Moore Vase of Flowers

A workshop for machine embroiderers with the option of working solely by hand if you wish.  Isobel will show how to create a simple background from a patchwork of fabrics, then how to layer up scraps and oddments to create a picture of a vibrant and colourful vase of flowers mostly using easy machine embroidery, with a little hand embroidery if you wish.  Perfect for beginners to machine embroidery , as well as those with more experience but can be adapted for those who wish to stitch by hand.

25th April 2020 - Carole Waddle - Combine Fabric and Fleece

This workshop is about learning the technique of felting together delicate natural fabrics with fleece to create a ‘cloth-like’ fabric.  This technique can be used later to create scarves, shawls, garments, bags, jewellery etc.

27th June 2020 - Anne Kelly - Travels in Textiles

Working from a collection of photos or postcards, old receipts, brochures, you will create a folding book or collaged piece using these elements.  The resulting piece will be a personal response to a special place or event.  Stitch, drawing and collage will be used.  It is helpful to choose a theme, place, or event and a colour scheme.  You will also be able to use writing/lyrics as part of your work.

24th October 2020 - Sophie Long - Goldwork

Sophie will create a kit to produce a monogrammed goldwork needles case.



Young Embroiderers

We run a Young Embroiderers group for young people aged 5 to 17. These exciting Saturday afternoon workshops (generally 1.30pm - 3.30pm-see date & times below) explore techniques in stitching and textiles using a variety of methods. They are fun - and sometimes messy!  *(we ask a parent/adult please accompany)*.  £5 per child.  Please keep checking here to see if themes have changed as our volunteers develop their ideas. thanks.

Kingston Museum Art Gallery
Wheatfield Way
Kingston upon Thames

Saturday Dates for 2019: 

August 10th- 1.30pm - 3.30pm – Printed Scarves / Lunar Inspirations

September 14th  -– 11.30am-1.30pm* – (*note this is earlier than usual) Klimt Metallics & Finish YE Cloth on Gold mini-project

Exhibition: Golden Threads and Silver Needles,
Kingston Branch 50th Anniversary Exhibition, 4th October – 19th October 2019,
Kingston Museum

October 12th - 1.30pm - 3.30pm - Gold & Black Bat mobile

November 9th  - 1.30pm - 3.30pm - Advent Calendar Fairy Door

Dec- No session - Happy Holidays!


YE Saturday Dates for 2020:

January 11th - 12.30pm-2.30pm, Take One Stitch Notebook,

Explore one stitch and see how many ways it can be interpreted, using different threads, direction and spacing of stitch. 

Use your sample to make a small book cover for a little notebook.

February 8th - 12.30pm-2.30pm, Quilted Heart

March 14th - 12.30pm-2.30pm, Game of Stitches

please note new times.

Further dates to follow.


For more information e-mail Karen  (YE Leader) at YeKingstonSecretary@gmail.com

As of 1st September 2019, a child does not have to be a member of the guild to regularly attend Young Embroiderers workshops. 



Stitch Saturday

Kingston Museum Art Gallery

If you would like a bit of space to spread out and work in peace for a couple of hours- make some felt or paint background fabric etc. or just come and stitch, chat, eat biscuits or maybe cake, this is the perfect time!

For some of the sessions there will be planned mini-workshops and demonstrations where you can try out different techniques or materials. There will be a small fee for mini-workshops.  please book ahead - contact admin@kingstonanddistrictbranch.co.uk or if it is available, click on booking link next to date.

Double check dates before coming, thanks.

Saturday Dates for 2019: 

August 10th- 11am - 1pm -Bring your own project to stitch:

September 14th - 10am-12pm* - Klimt metallics (*note earlier time)

Exhibition: Golden Threads and Silver Needles,  Kingston Branch 50th Anniversary Exhibition, 4th October – 19th October 2019, Kingston Museum

October 5th -Special Exhibition workshop – Gold, Collage, and Stitch– inspired by Cloth on Gold, 

October 12th - 11am - 1pm- Gold & Black Bat mobile

November 9th  - 11am - 1pm - Klimt Christmas Card

Dec- No session - Happy Holidays!


Stitch Saturday Dates for 2020:

January 11th - 10.00am - 12.00pm - Take One Stitch

Explore one stitch and see how many ways it can be interpreted, using different threads, direction and spacing of stitch.

February 8th - 10.00am - 12.00pm, Quilted Heart

March 14th - 10.00am - 12.00pm, Game of Stitches project

please note new times.

Further dates to follow.


Kingston Museum Art Gallery
Wheatfield Way
Kingston upon Thames


Stitchin’ Time    

Creative embroidery classes and interest group run by one of our members:

Stitchin' Time meets at the Long Ditton Village Hall (Upper), 2 Ewell Road, KT6 5LE. Tuesdays, 1pm to start 1.15pm to 4.00pm. 

Learn more about the textile crafts in a friendly group. Beginners are welcome. We work on a wide range of projects geared to suit all abilities. 

Please contact tutor Kate Davis for more details 020 8398 0771 or

Email: kdavis398@aol.com